Why Public Relation ?

In the present state - social, political, climatic and lifestyle has undergone a sea change. The word Trust does not exist today. Trend is to make duplicate products synonymous of branded company products. A healthy competition existed before. To damage the relationship between the management and its employee, the image of the company, people resort to all sorts of derogatory means and feels elated when they visualize the damage done to the company. No brotherhood exists between the employer and the employee. Advantage is taken by the competitor.

Today, damaging the image, giving false assurances, misleading the public are some of the common phenomenon worldwide. Negative approach has become the mastermind of the society. Due to this proper growth of the organization is affected, thereby, affecting the growth of the people related to it, the society and country at large.

For these reasons a good P.R. is essential to develop the image and rectify this negative approach.